Sketchy Sunday #1- I thought I was on the ball…

I was so excited when The Crooked Stamper mentioned this simple sketch challenge on Twitter yesterday. What I failed to do was look at the date.  I was very pleased last night when I got home from work that not only did I finish my Jingle Belles card, but I also made this one for Sketchy Sunday. A card challenge (but it’s not really a challenge) issued on a Sunday and I had made and was ready to post the card on that very same Sunday. I am so good, I was thinking to myself, getting all cocky.  And then the fella needed to use to computer, so I didn’t post it last night. But the next day? The next day was just as good I thought. Except that it is actually a week later! Pffftt.

So I shall post week one and then head up the stairs to finish the four or five other challenges I am going to do this week.

See? Pretty easy sketch. And as we all know by now, I love me some easy! Simplicity makes me happy. (But I really, really wish I had the patience for those amazingly fussy cards that I drool over.) I did a Valentine’s card in the last mojo monday challenge and I said it would probably be my only one. I lied. Keep this up and I may have a Valentine’s card for each of the 4 kids.  At the last minute I decided the card was looking a little too plain (yes, even for me!) so I gave it a quick run through the Big Shot with an embossing folder.

I can not for the list of me get rid of the thumbnail size pics. Grrrr….